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Northern Exposure

Canadian Bands Take Over The Indy

Our neighbors to the north have provided us with some real gems as of late — and no I am not talking about Arcade Fire, and I am absolutely not talking about Barenaked Ladies.

Bands like Black Mountain, Pink Mountaintops, Frog Eyes, Islands, Japandroids, Sunset Rundown, and Wolf Parade, all hailing from Canada and all creating some of the more innovative and compelling sounds in recent months, make that vast land all the more appealing when considered alongside the publicly funded national healthcare system, their booming economy, and the culinary phenomenon known as poutine (delicious gravy and cheese-covered french fries).

Add to the ever-growing list, Land of Talk, The Besnard Lakes, and Suuns, three bands that have become more intermingled than a 70s key party, and things start to get a little more interesting. The three bands arrive at the Independent for on October 7th for a show headlined by Land of Talk.

With each group at one time or another collaborating in the other’s projects, one would assume that a similar strain would run through each composition, turning the three separate bands into one amalgamated super-structure of sonic sameness. But no sir, no way.

Though touring together this fall in support of their latest releases, the three bands couldn’t sound more dissimilar. This is a good thing. It is a great showcasing of the capabilities of what has turned into a collective of individuals helping identify and enforce a new wave of Canadian influence on popular music.

Land of Talk has cemented itself into a solid and timeless state of being. The ease with which the notes flow is like existing within some sort of effortless and paradisiacal dream state. The Besnard Lakes, a super group of orchestral wonder, released The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night on Jagjaguwar in March and I still listen to “Light Up the Night” with the fresh ears of a first listen and delight in the mid-song crescendo every time.

But it is the latest addition to the key bowl that is most intriguing to me. Suuns, who just signed with Secretly Canadian, sound like an underwater, long-distance, drum and bass runner coupled with some Stooges-era guitar and Thurston Moore-like vocals thrown in for good measure. Or, as their publicist put it, “a seductive plate of dark and sexy death disco electro rock that churns with a mighty force and a distinct and unruly swagger.”

Whatever creams your Twinkie, Suuns are an entirely unique blend of electronic mayhem and guitar-fueled madness tied together with a trance-like rhythm section and silky smooth vocals. Look out for the band’s latest release, Zeros QC, on October 12th.

Land of Talk, The Besnard Lakes and Sunns (opening) perform at The Independent ofn October 7th. Tickets are $13 in advance and $15 at the door. The show starts at 8pm.