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Noisepop 2006

Festival Infused with Local & Indie Flavor

Back in 1993 local music fiend Kevin Arnold threw together five rock bands in a shoddy club. From these inauspicious beginnings, Noisepop was launched. In the years since Noisepop's debut, the festival has seen a litany of independent artists who have garnered legions of fans and even some mainstream success.

A few of the bands who have appeared at Noisepop include Guided by Voices, Creeper Lagoon, Modest Mouse, and Death Cab for Cutie. While each of the aforementioned bands may have their own distinctive style and sound, the one commonality between pretty much all bands that show up at Noisepop is a strong grassroots fan base and a close relationship with said fans.

Far removed from its one club, five band beginnings, Noisepop is now a weeklong music celebration for both fans and the musicians that spans multiple venues in San Francisco. The festival has seen its fans grow exponentially and the list of bands for 2006's line up is nothing short of staggering. There surely will be numerous opportunities to indulge your indie appetite.

Headlining Noisepop 2006 are the Oklahoma-based Flaming Lips. Gearing up for the release of a new album, the Lips are a wonderful choice to head up Noisepop. With their bizarre, otherworldly lyrics and affinity for dressing up in bunny costumes, the Flaming Lips are the personification of Noisepop. Irreverent, fun, and celebratory, the Lips open things up on Monday, Mar.27 at Bimbo's. They are a must see, but you'll likely be hard pressed to find a ticket.

Numerous bands that get regular airplay on Live 105 will be performing as well. The Killer-esque Communique will be performing on Tuesday, Mar.28 at Bottom of the Hill. The same night John Vanderslice will be performing at Bimbo's. Film School and Birdmonster take the stage on Friday, Mar.31 at Slim's. The Led Zeppelin evoking WolfMother also performs on Saturday, April.1 at the Bottom of the Hill.

Additionally, Noisepop 2006 is rife with a slew of lesser known bands looking for an audience. For supporters of independent music, there are few opportunities quite like Noisepop to show your support and love for those bands that deserve attention and accolades.

You will have ample opportunity to show your support Mar.27 through Apr.2 at the following venues: Bimbo's 365 Club, Café Du Nord, The Independent, Slim's, Bottom Of The Hill, Great American Music Hall, Mezzanine, and Swedish American Hall. Showtimes and ticket purchasing information can be found at: