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Noise Pop 2002

Indie rock comes home to roost

Yep, it's that time of the year again. Time to stay out late, call out sick from work and catch six nights of non-stop, ass-kicking indie rock. The Noise Pop Brand Music Festival was birthed here in good 'ole San Francisco, and features live performances from the all-time best national and local bands. And this year, Noise Pop turns TEN! If that's not cause to throw on your sassiest baby tee, kick back a few beers and celebrate, I really don't know what is.

In addition to the incredible line-up of live shows, they're bringing back the Noise Pop Educational Series and a smattering of art openings. The Noise Pop website, , has all of the need-to-know details so you can plan your schedule accordingly and maximize your music intake: band schedules and background information, ticket information, and what shows are sold out. According to my music-savvy sources, some of the not-to-miss shows include:

KaitO: the super sassy Brit punk grrrl band

Matt Pond PA: as a Philly native, I can't help but mention him. He has some whiney moments, but the cellist more than makes up for it.

John Doe and Neko Case: Neko Case is also in the New Pornographers (who are also playing) and she's pretty much the punk rock version of Patsy Cline.

The Donnas: True, they are our local sweethearts, and yes, they are worth seeing once maybe twice, but then their schtick kinda gets old. If you want to see young 20-something girls full 'o attitude singing about drinking, sniffing glue, junk food, kissing boys, and doing countless cover songs, this is a must-see.

The Faint: Gothesque boys, clad in black who think they are New Order.

The Makers: Glam garage band with a sexy Prince look-alike singer.

So, catch a show, or six. There's a lot of rockin' to be had, and star-studded music line-ups like Noise Pop only come around once a year!