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Noe Knit

A Noe Neighborhood Knitting Nirvana

There’s a new sisterhood at my work that’s been growing over the past year and it’s made up of knitters. I only joined this club a little over a month ago. I’ve always heard that knitting was a fun and relaxing activity, but I was a little skeptical of that claim at first. I thought that learning something that looked complicated like knitting would cause me to pull my hair out more than it would put my mind at ease.

At my first knitting circle with my co-workers, I quickly found the initial step of casting on calming. After this first taste, I found myself wanting to learn more, but I knew I couldn’t do it alone. Luckily for a newbie like me, Noe Knit is a great place for beginners (and experienced knitters, too) to find the supplies and the help they need.

The store is stocked with pretty much anything you’d need to tackle almost any knitting project. Just perusing the bookshelves full of yarn, organized by gauge, type and color, that line either side of the store, is an enjoyable visual and tactile sensory experience in itself. Starting at the front of the shop, there are a couple of shelves of novelty yarns like the sparkly “Fizz Stardust” in lime green for $9.00, the lavender “Deco-Ribbon” for $6.74 and brick-red “Touch Me” velour for $17.44. Towards the back are specialty yarns, including the Rowan chunky Scottish tweed in green ($18.55), and the purple handcrafted and kettle dyed pure wool from Manos del Uruguay ($38). In the middle of the store, you’ll find everything in between, including the 100% Peruvian Highland wool in “mossy rock” ($7.50) that I chose for my first project, a French market bag.

There are also knitting needles in the store, of course. For my first attempt at knitting, I picked up a pair of Susan Bates circular knitting needles for $7.50 and Boye yarn needles for $1.50. Other items you will find in the shop include plastic purse handles that come in various shapes and colors like a multicolored striped square or a tortoise shell trapezoid (both $8.70), a bag of stitch ring markers for $5.85, and needle and accessory cases, like a tool pouch in blue, green and purple stripes for $16.28.

In the back of the store is the book section, which is a great resource for instructional material and inspiration when starting a new project. There are guides and reference books like the Vogue Knitting Quick Reference for $19.95 and books on quick and simple projects such as Hot Knits: 30 Cool, Fun Designs to Knit and Wear. To make things even easier, there are kits, like “Bambino Boy Booties” for $36.80, that come with instructions and materials.

If you’d like to start to make something new but would like a little guidance, Noe Knit has an assortment of classes to choose from. They vary from month to month, so check their website for a current list of classes. As I am a beginner, I took the “Learn to Knit” class. This class usually meets for 90 minutes once every week for four weeks. The cost for this class is $80.00 plus the cost of materials. Other classes include the “My First Sweater,” six 90 minute sessions for the price of $120.00 plus supplies and “Lace Knitting,” two 90 minute sessions at $40.00.

Even if you’re not taking a class, you can ask any of the staff questions you may have on any knitting projects you have undertaken. All the staff are enthusiastic knitters and super helpful, so don’t be shy.

In addition to the classes, there are other in-store activities such as the summer fashion show that I walked in on one Saturday afternoon. Store patrons and other knitting enthusiasts all crowded in a cozy circle and shared the details about the projects they had been working on over the past year. There was much ooh-ing and ah-ing over the creativity and skill that was shown, and it was well deserved.

After four sessions of the beginner’s class, I haven’t quite finished my bag yet, but I am determined to complete it. Next up for me is the hat class, two 90 minute sessions for $40 plus the cost of supplies. I could always use another warm hat for our chilly evenings here. Wish me luck!