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A Neighborhood-Defining New Eatery
By Nish Nadaraja (Feb 16, 2016)
The "North of the Panhandle" neighborhood, along with the adjacent stretch of Divisadero between Golden Gate and Fell, has always had a bit of an identity crisis. For a long time, the area was lumped into the sprawling Western Addition, while some even considered it an adjunct of Hayes Valley. A few local wags had dubbed it DMV Heights, as a nod to a time when the most significant landmark was the Department of Motor Vehicles. More »
By Nish Nadaraja (Jun 29, 2009)
When Gordon's House of Fine Eats closed back in 2002, many mourned the loss of what once epitomized Potrero Hill's Multimedia Gulch. Such a vast space, it seemed, would be nearly impossible to replace, both literally and figuratively. More »
Southern French Cuisine with an Italian Flair
By Nish Nadaraja (Aug 13, 2007)
The corner of Sutter & Steiner seems to come with a restaurant curse. Before Cassis opened its doors in May, two other notable restaurants had tried to make their claim in the same space in recent years. Both Julia’s and Winterland, despite critical acclaim, never quite attained the appropriate mix of gourmands and regulars to establish themselves in this Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood. But with Cassis, brothers Jerome and Stephane Meloni just might have hit on a winning formula. More »
Legendary Former Venue Turns Out Equally Legendary Cuisine
By Nish Nadaraja (Apr 04, 2007)
Winterland, situated on a nondescript block in the quiet residential zone between Japantown and the Mount Zion medical complex, is an oasis of sorts. It's hard to believe that a restaurant of this quality even exists in an area that easily could be considered the culinary middle of nowhere. More »
Arabic Fusion in a Hidden Oasis
By Nish Nadaraja (Mar 06, 2007)
One of the first things one notices about Saha is what there is not to notice. There is no street presence, since it's tucked away inside the Hotel Carlton (part of the Joie de Vivre boutique hotel chain, and situated next door to SF Station favorite Brick). Chances are you just don't stumble upon Saha; someone has to recommend it, or you just have to know, and that's part of the allure. More »
Upscale South Asian-French Cuisine
By Nish Nadaraja (Oct 02, 2006)
Taking its name from a famous Tennyson poem of the same name, Crossing the Bar is actually the second French Indian fusion restaurant to grace this fine city of ours. Interestingly and lucky for us, both Tallula and Crossing the Bar offer up distinctive and unique twists on this style of cooking so that both restaurants can co-exist peacefully, much to the benefit of the eating public. More »
Swanky Steakhouse Opens in Former Fior d'Italia Space
By Nish Nadaraja (Sep 12, 2006)
Joe DiMaggio doesn’t need an introduction to your average San Franciscan. This is the guy who grew up in North Beach and dropped out of high school in 1930, making his debut as a shortstop with the San Francisco Seals two years later. He set numerous hitting records during his career -- mostly with the New York Yankees -- but gained as much infamy for marrying Marilyn Monroe in 1954 in San Francisco, a marriage that lasted a whopping nine months. “Joltin' Joe” certainly lived big, and it’s no surprise really, that the restaurant that bears his name, seems set to carry on that tradition. More »
Not Just Another Brick in the Wall
By Nish Nadaraja (May 09, 2006)
The Tenderloin district has been in flux for years now. While it still remains uncharted territory for many Bay Area residents, those in the know have affectionately renamed the area the Trendyloin, citing the seemingly overnight transformation of the neighborhood into something of a destination on the urban hipster circuit. And with the recent opening of Brick, a new restaurant and bar on the corner of Sutter and Larkin, there’s yet another good reason to make your way over. More »
Safety and Beauty
By Nish Nadaraja (Dec 27, 2006)
In a city that caters to beauty and health, Russian Hill's Teashi stands out as a day spa that carefully yet wonderfully considers both. Translated from Japanese, Teashi literally means hands and feet, which is of course the main, but not only, attraction here. Owned and operated by sister and brother Anne and Bill Freeman, the spa was designed to create a relaxed, social environment where service and safety both play equally important roles. More »
Don't Be Shy, It's Time To Mingle
By Nish Nadaraja (Apr 06, 2005)
Union Street, despite its Marina trappings, is becoming more and more of a fashion destination. One of the latest additions to the neighborhood, Mingle, has no trouble attracting fashionistas from both near and far. More »
Nish Nadaraja's Articles
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