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Nina Feldman Connections (NFC), the Bay Area's business-to-business matchmaker since 1981, has built loyal clientele by helping busy professionals find the help they need from its database of over 150 virtual consultants. We also work regularly with non-profits and individuals. Never a fee to you! On-site or Virtual Support; weekend and evening help available.

NFC has been a trusted name in helping businesses and professionals for more than 20 years. NFC has built a network of trusted experts in virtually every area of business support services to provide you with the right consulting service provider to complete your task. Your computer, office, document, marketing, accounting, bookkeeping, real estate, transcribing, accounting, bookkeeping, and training needs will be answered by someone you choose from among our group of skilled, self-employed virtual assistants.

Busy professionals, business owners and office managers frequently call when they get in a pinch and can't meet a deadline. Nina can almost always find someone reliable to finish a job on time. Do you need someone who uses WordPerfect on a Mac? A transcriptionist who can transcribe a digital videotape and send it as a .wav file overnight? A tax preparer willing to deal with envelopes full of tiny receipts? A seasoned user to talk you through how to use a piece of software you're not totally familiar with? A patient MS Access or Filemaker expert to clean up a tangled database for you? Someone to fill in while you're on vacation?

When you contact NFC about what you need, Nina will have one or more appropriate candidates call you so you can decide whether you'd like to work with them. While you're connecting--and later on if necessary--Nina will help expedite the transaction in whatever way she can to help ensure your job is done to your satisfaction.



“You have made a match that will literally catapult my entire career into another universe. It’s like I’ve been waiting for this particular spark to catch fire. Thank you so much. Your service is a treasure and a gift.”
Ariane A. Goodwin, Ed.D.
Founder, Organizer, & Host


“Not sure what I would do without your excellent service--you are a lifesaver to say the least :-).”
-- Jenena Hansson, ELT Executive Administrator, Sr.
Bea Systems Inc


“I have known Nina professionally for many years. Having gone to her for referrals for computer-related projects, I have found her to quickly understand what type of professional I need for my project and she has reached into her vast network of freelancers and put me in touch with exactly the person I needed. I highly recommend Nina to anyone who is looking for someone to help them with their office/computer project.”
Susan Ireland

“Nina one of the most highly regarded referral agencies in the East Bay. Her professionalism and integrity have won her awards year after year. A must-have on anyone's list of connections.”
Richard Dougherty, VB Developer, PearlFishers, Inc.

“Nina is a great connector. If you need someone to help you with your business, a project, or a special need, Nina has the right connection for you. She has a huge database of service providers who offer a variety of services. If you need help, she's likely to have the perfect person for you.”
Julia Stege, Owner, Graphic Girlz

“Nina is an amazing networker. She strategically connects clients and service providers to establish a successful relationship that is long-standing.”
Tasha Beckman, Owner, Complete Office Support Inc

“Nina is a warm, intelligent professional who inspires the type of collaboration between people that leads to great success. I enjoy working with her and enthusiastically recommend her to others.”
Abel Henry, Recruiting Manager, Robert Half Technology

“To be brief: several times Nina has come through with key people for either our own firm or for our clients. We look forward to continuing our association with Nina and 'NFC'.”
David Stern

“I don't know anyone who is Nina's equal in helping clients make connections with a diverse range of service providers that meet their needs. She brings a wealth of experience and understanding to the management of her business, and it shows.”
Georgia Adamson, Owner, A Successful Career, div. of Adept Business Services


“I recommend Nina Feldman and her business Nina Feldman Connections very highly for what she does with great integrity and humanity, connect clients looking for computer related help with service providers.”
Scott Engler

“Nina is one of those highly professional individuals that one seeks out for professional services and guidance. Her ability to match the needs (budget, technical expertise, skill sets required) of the client to the many resources she has available is outstanding. I do not hesitate to refer colleagues to Nina or use her services for InfoGate’s needs .”
Mark Rosen, Owner, InfoGate

“Nina is an amazing business matchmaker. As a former service provider for her network, she connected me with some great clients. Today, I know that if my authors or entrepreneurs had a special need I couldn't fill, Nina would be my "go to" person to find the right candidate for the task.”
Lauren Hidden, Owner, The Hidden Helper LLC

“Nina is a pioneer in our industry and a wealth of knowledge about business, the industry, and technology. You can rely on Nina to get the job done with a personal touch and always delivering more than what was expected. Nina has so much expertise that she has become a trusted friend and sounding board whenever I'm in need of information or resources. I would highly recommend her in any aspect of her business or personal horse is strategically tied behind her wagon, yours should be, too! :)”
Jeannine Clontz


“Nina is a thoughtful professional who has provided me with excellent referrals for transcription work. She is invariably courteous and prompt in responding to any questions I may have. I find Nina to be a wonderful resource for my business.”
Wendy Ledger, Transcriptionist, VoType Transcription Services