Nicolas Jaar

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Nicolas Jaar

Nico has spent his youth wandering. The Chilean American artist was born in New York, but raised between Santiago and SoHo. At seventeen, he began releasing music on the Brooklyn imprint Wolf + Lamb, and was catapulted into the Atlantic dance music scene.

But Nico always wanted to slow down and grow roots as an artist. Instead of finding a new creative home, he decided to make his own. On his nineteenth birthday, Nico founded Clown & Sunset. The label extended his collaboration with Soul and Nikita, and became an outlet for his most honest work.

Over the last two years, Nico has composed for the Sunset of a Clown series, Russian Dolls, WOUH and Inès. He co-founded Clown & Sunset Aesthetics (CSA), a production company to house his record label among other artistic endeavors, meanwhile also completing his first album, Space is Only Noise. Nico then finally returned home to New York City where he will reveal his latest work, and continue choreographing Clown & Sunset and CSA.


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