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Game Recap

Indianapolis Colts 28 - San Francisco 49ers 3

This game sucked about as hard as everyone thought it would. Alex Smith played the role of "rookie QB starting his first game" perfectly, and the result was sloppy, turnover-laden, hard to watch football. Kevan Barlow showed flashes of potential, but it's not realistic to ask for consistent production in the running game with the offensive line looking completely lost half the time. It's hard to know how Mike Nolan is going to fix things on offense. At least the defense is still coming on strong.

To Nolan's credit, he has maintained a never-say-die attitude despite the obvious mismatches his club has faced. Two onsides kicks in a row prove he is not letting them lay down without a fight. Though the Niners got spanked by a really good team, they played through the final whistle and showed flashes (teeny lil' itty bitty flashes) of offensive potential. Yeah, it's rough to have to be a fan of the once mighty 49ers and have to take solace in something like "offensive potential", but when you're trying to rise up from the absolute bottom of the league, you have to hang your hat somewhere.

There are many opinions on what kinds of personnel moves the team needs to make next offseason to become competitive again. They could work magic in free agency, pick the right guys in the draft, and suddenly the team is a real playoff hopeful. However, it's nice to see that -- Sunday to Sunday -- the new head coach is still concentrating on this season. And he's fielding a team with the same focus and attitude.

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