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1695 South 7th Street, San Jose , CA
+1 408.899.9695
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New Skin is the only nonprofit adult tattoo removal program in the San Francisco Bay Area helping individuals with a fresh start.

Our Mission  
New Skin Adult Tattoo Removal program is a non-profit that removes visible tattoos at a low cost for adults that may hinder them from gainful employment and a peace of mind lifestyle.  

Our Method  
Provide tattoo removal along with additional services to individuals ready to make a change in their life.


In a dismal economy like the one we are currently facing, a majority of employers have policies that do not allow visible tattoos. To compete in today’s job market, applicants need any advantage in attaining full-time employment, and tattoo removal is a great start.

There can be many reasons to remove a tattoo: beginning a new career, leaving a criminal past behind, bad tattoos or family matters. No matter your motivation, New Skin Adult Tattoo Removal will assist you with your goals.


New Skin Adult Tattoo Removal not only provides tattoo removal, we also have additional services that include:
Job Search Assistance
Resume Writing
Interviewing Techniques
Expungement Services


New Skin Adult Tattoo Removal
1695 South 7th Street
San Jose, CA 95112