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Never Been Thawed

This Is Frozen Spinal Tap

This film comes from so far out in left field, you can't help but admire the sheer bravado of the filmmakers, the audacity of the first-time actors, and the patience of the crew (mostly the same folks as the cast). You won't ever view frozen dinners the same.

Never Been Thawed, the debut film by Sean Anders and Chuck LeVinus -- a self-proclaimed "couple of knuckleheads from Arizona" -- pokes fun at several subcultures in America in a very un-PC manner and manages to be quite funny at the same time.

This mockumentary follows a group of frozen entrée collectors as they organize the first-ever Frozen Entrée Enthusiasts Convention. Shawn has been collecting frozen dinners since he was 12; he now stores his sizable collection in 14 freezers crammed inside his apartment. Religiously minded Shelly, who works at an intercourse prevention hotline, has the hots for bad-boy Shawn, whose punk rock band has recently gone punk-Christian. The band's bass player, who has the hots for Shelly, works at a clown-themed hair salon. Meanwhile, the band's manager owns an anti-abortion themed café across the street from a family planning clinic.

You get the picture. Everyone is fanatical about something and Never Been Thawed pretty much skewers them all during its 87-minute running time -- just about as long as the film could last before becoming stale. As it is, the film hops so much from one concern to another that it might have been better structured as a series of shorter films instead.

Never Been Thawed will please any lover of satire, however. Its irreverence knows few bounds, its comedic pacing is pretty much spot-on, and its many mockups of frozen dinner boxes give the film a polished look.

The music is pretty good too -- probably because the filmmakers spent time in real-life bands, including a pseudo-Christian punk band called The Christers.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars