Neurochemistry for Interactive Design & Marketing - San Francisco (Course)

Event has passed (Fri Nov 18, 2016 - Fri Nov 18, 2016)
Millberry Union @ UCSF Medical Center
9am - 5pm
$319 - $399
City, Conference


Boost your skills in user experience, digital marketing and persuasive design by learning the neurochemical factors that shape your users' emotions, motivation, cognition, and behavior.

In this 1-day workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of user experience, by learning the neurochemical factors that shape users' responses to interactive design and marketing.

You will enjoy training for working professionals, on using psychology and neuroscience to design more effective websites, apps, and digital campaigns.

We will teach you how the brain motivates users through its neurochemical reward and punishment system, and more specifically, we will show you how your users' neurochemistry shapes their emotions, motivation, cognitive understanding, and online behavior.

Next you'll learn how to use interactive design and content strategies to avoid accidentally triggering negative user emotions such as anxiety, low self-esteem, and resentment. Instead, we'll teach you how to evoke positive emotions like trust, loyalty, and pride.

The content is science-based, developed by two doctoral-level researchers, an online behavioral scientist and a neuroscientist.

Although it's science-based, the content is simple and practical. It's presented in plain language, with hands-on exercises, and a focus on real-world applications.

This workshop is designed for professionals working in user experience, interactive design, web design, digital marketing, online advertising, and web/mobile development.

It's also suitable for conversion rate optimization pros, web analysts/researchers, and academics/students, who will further appreciate the breadth of our literature review and translation of science to practice.

This workshop is great on its own, or as a complement to our other workshops, which only touch the surface of this fascinating topic.

Learn why over 1,000 professionals from many of the world's leading technology companies, corporations and brands have already completed AlterSpark workshops, taught by Brian Cugelman, PhD.

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  1. Millberry Union @ UCSF Medical Center
    500 Parnassus, San Francisco, CA