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NBA Playoffs

The 2nd Round Comes to a close

Quick Hitters

Steve Nash has turned in an incredible performance so far during the playoffs. He, teammate Amare Stoudemire, and Dwayne Wade have stood out for their performances this second round. Yes, I said he shouldn't have been rewarded the MVP over Shaq, but he's sure in the running for MVP of the playoffs if he can keep playing the Suns into the Championships.

The expected big four really have stepped forward. Phoenix needs to close Dallas off tonight before we get down to business. Now is the time casual fans come out and avid fans live for. Miami and Detroit have looked like the strongest teams while San Antonio at times has seemed a little off as Duncan hasn't been especially sharp and Ginobli keeps even his team mates on-guard with his herky jerky style. Assuming Phoenix wins, I'm not sure what we're getting as I consider their opponent, Dallas, the toughest second round matchup. Dallas has a very good team.

Semi Matchups

Miami and Detroit
Biggest question has to be Shaq's health. If he plays well, Miami will be tough to stop. The team is finding itself in a way like Detroit found its way last year. Detroit knows what kind of game this is. A key will be holding down Wade. They have proven to stop athletic 2 guards with a steady diet of the long Prince and the quick Billups, Hunter, Hamilton. This will be their mission.
Miami in seven.

San Antonio and Phoenix
Steve Nash has run wild against Dallas. Can he do the same against San
Antonio? No. Can he do enough to push the Suns past the Spurs? Maybe. That's the big question.

The other is the matchups: Mohammed vs. Stoudemire, Duncan vs. Marion, Bowen vs. Richardson, Ginobli vs. Johnson, Parker vs. Nash. Will the interior size of the Spurs best the quickness of the Suns? I like Ginobli, Bowen and Parker on Nash. That's a good mix of height, quickness and strength against Nash.
San Antonio in six.