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Ready for the Finals?

The Pistons Almost Done?
The big news is Detroit who are one mere game away from being knocked out. Now we'll see what they are truly made of. Last year they came back from 2-3 down to win. This year?

This year, the team is even more reliant on Chauncey Billups. He is going to have to string together two incredible games. But who knows if he can. One bad sign has been when Lindsey Hunter's in the game, Detroit kicks it into another gear. With Billups leading the team, everything turns into a "everything's cool" kind of tempo. Chauncey: everything isn't cool.

San Antonio Looking Good!
The Spurs are looking very solid. Between Duncan and Gnobli, the team has two unselfish players who have an uncanny knack of knowing when to take over and when to get their teammates involved.

They endured the assault of Stoudemire; in what was the best offensive playoff series
since MJ. They seem to have holes, but their D is solid and the superstars give the team what it needs. Sounds like the makings of champions.

So Long Phoenix. We Hardly Knew You.
Yes, it's too bad but this year Phoenix was not quite there. They have two incredible stars to ride in Stoudemire and Nash. Joe Johnson's injury was too much to overcome against the Spurs in a series of fairly close games. Depth is something the Suns will have to address in the off-season. But I'm sure we'll be seeing you here next year.

Can't leave the subject of Phoenix without giving more props to Amare. 37.0 a game against All-NBA defender Tim Duncan and the tough Spurs D. He's going to be a killer; easily a 30.0 ppg player.