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NBA 2005

Turkey Day 2005

In recognition of Thanksgiving, better known as the kickoff to the American holiday eating binge, let's talk about some of the biggest turkeys on the hardwood and in our top five, we name the teams that have to be giving thanks for all their blessings.

Biggest Turkey of 2005

Atlanta Hawks Owners & GM - Why o' why did you ever go against your majority owner in your belief that Joe Johnson was the next Magic Johnson? What led you to that conclusion? Steve Nash was the one carving up defenses and hitting a wide-open Johnson for threes. When Nash went down, the Suns started loosing. You needed a point guard too, but you drafted a forward, of which you have too many already.

Stephon Marbury - The Sprewell of our time. A man with so much talent and not a clue how to use it for the betterment of his team. Steph, aren't you so happy now that LB is running the show? It shows.

Latrell Sprewell - He won't play. No dammit. Not even for a million+ bucks. Why he was ever welcomed back after choking Carlesimo is beyond me. The man had talent, now he's just a turkey.

Who's Getting All the Gravy

LA Clippers - If all a team wants is youth and inexperience, do it with a forward, shooting guard or even a center. But if you don't consider who your floor general is, you too should be on the turkey list. LA went out and got a leader in Sam Cassell and if he remains healthy, good things will continue to follow.

Tim Duncan - Here's to a good guy who kicks butt and takes names; just in case he's up for whipping up on you tomorrow too.

Mark Cuban - You're starting to put together a team that can defend and score. Novel concept, but it might actually get you somewhere come April, May and June.

Top Five - Pass me some more pie.

Detroit Pistons - Yeah, they lost to a really good Mavericks team, but everybody has one of those nights. They are still defending and the offense is looking good. Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton have fresh Energizers put in before each game. They just keep running, and running, and running...

San Antonio Spurs - Not much movement at the top as the Spurs keep their second place seed.

Dallas Mavericks - After not just winning the game against the Pistons, but really punishing them, the Mavs move up and look intent on catching the Spurs. Dirk has the look of a Duncan. Can he do it in the playoffs. We're still a long ways from there yet.

Cleveland Cavaliers - Sometimes LeBron is over hyped, a little, but his game is so smooth. Now if Larry Hughes can be a little more consistent in his offensive game, the 1-2 Cavalier punch will be coming down hard on the league.

LA Clippers - Okay, here they are, looking like young world beaters. Too bad it's still only November. Please Sam Cassell, you're our only hope. Teach the young Shaun Livingston all you know, so when you go down, he can lead the Clippers to victory after victory, night in, night out. I'm seriously happy for a stand up guy like Elton Brand who has put up with so much bull for so many years.