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NBA 2005-2006

Never a Dull Moment

With Christmas now passed, the presents all unwrapped, 2005 coming to an end, let's take a moment to go over what little nuggets this season has turned up.

Better Than Advertised

Detroit Pistons - God, who would have thought that they're this good. If the season progresses according to the first half results, the Pistons will be returning the favor to the Spurs come June. Flip Saunders is going to get lots of kudos and the team's legend grows. Larry Brown on the other hand looks like a major chump -- not only did he turn down the coaching job, the team looks better than ever. Not to mention, he's coaching the Knicks. Wow. Karma kicks LB in the chops.

LeBron James - This guy is blowing up in such a subtle way. Look at the way he plays, his points just seem to be there effortlessly. Sure there are amazing dunks and ESPN highlights, but the Cavalier management is building talent around him. The team is a steady 17-9 and getting better. Back to LeBron, just look at his stats: 30.3 pts, .495 fg%, 5.5 ast, 6 rbs. He's getting better and hungry for more success.

New Jersey Nets - While this team is not setting the world on fire, the team is starting to align around one of the, if not, the most talented trios in basketball. Kenyon, what was your deal? What a group that would have been.

Chris Paul - ROY. He's shooting a decent percentage, knows how to run the team and looks solid on defense. What more could you ask for in a point guard.

Top Five

Detroit Pistons - You want more? This weekend's win over San Antonio shows what a difference there is at this point in the season between the Pistons and everybody else.

San Antonio Spurs - A little deflated looking lately, but it's still early.

Dallas Mavericks - After getting 62'd by Kobe, the team has won three in a row. They look solid.

Cleveland Cavaliers - They're hot and still rising. LeBron James and his talented crew are starting to put together a good run.

Miami Heat - With Shaq back and Wade doing his usual, the Heat have to see this time of the year as a chance to gel. They didn't look too good against the Lakers, but still got the job done. Simply put, their goal is a championship. They need to get better if they are to accomplish that goal.