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My Architect

Some people's lives are so interesting that they are worth getting to know. My Architect introduces you to one of them. The new documentary on architect Louis Kahn, directed by his son Nathaniel Kahn, is not simply a profile of his work or of him as a person. Rather, it is his son's quest to discover a man who he called father, yet knew only in passing.

What makes the film so captivating is that the audience discovers Louis Kahn alongside his son. Remarkably, the architects that people outside the architectural community esteem - Frank Gehry, Phillip Johnson, I.M. Pei - consider themselves to be mere novices in comparison to Louis Kahn. With only a handful of buildings to his credit, he certainly cannot be described as prolific, but every one of his projects left an indelible impression on the art form.

His personal life was equally intriguing though he seldom spoke of it to others, meaning only those directly involved had any inkling about his private affairs. But even as a somewhat mysterious man, he so profoundly affected the people in his life that they can still, a quarter century after his death, colorfully detail what he meant to them.

Stars: 5 out of 5