Muses: A Solo Show by Charmaine Olivia

Event has passed (Sat Feb 9, 2013 - Sat Feb 9, 2013)
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The Shooting Gallery is pleased to present Muses. The opening reception for Muses will be held at The Shooting Gallery on Saturday, February 9th, 2013 from 7-11pm. The exhibit will be on display through March 2nd, 2013 and is free and open to the public.

SF-based Charmaine Olivia has built a reputation that spreads far beyond her local following by casting her creative eye to a variety of mediums including illustration and photography, but it is through her oil paintings that Charmaine’s remarkable talent is best conveyed. A focus on feminine beauty underlies the majority of the artists’ works, as well as developing an ethereal presence with subtle inclusion of the unexpected. Each painting in the exhibition is a wonderland of hidden details. Wildly colorful, Muses is a more passionate exploration of portraiture than previous shows, full of palettes that impart a new vibrancy to the work.

With this new body of work, Charmaine has taken a more painterly approach. The loose brush strokes and rough handling of paint compliment the sense of a certain wild freedom that echoes out from each of the artist’s powerful figures. “Each painting was inspired by an image of a woman with a certain look, a soft quality or expression that drew me to her,” Charmaine explained. “Some emotion that resonated within me that I wanted to reflect back.”

The Mission based artist is a standout in the San Francisco art community, and with a fan base that already covers the globe, it is clear that her work is popular amongst the masses. The 24 year old self-taught artist has already created a body of imagery that has caught the eye of Lady Gaga, Urban Outfitters, and Volcom… and she shows no signs of slowing down. Her females are meticulously rendered, juxtaposed with just enough looseness in her paint to add increased interest. Olivia’s work seems to evolve right before us, with each body of work incorporating new techniques and subject matter."

The Shooting Gallery opened its doors in 2003 to the historic Tenderloin district of San Francisco; known for its lively street culture. Growing up in Southern California gave owner and curator, Justin Giarla, a love for everything lowbrow: pop art, street art, outsider art, punk rock album art, comic book art, surf/skate art and hot rod culture.
Giarla recognizes how important it is to provide lowbrow artists with a platform for their work, which is exactly what Shooting Gallery has done for nearly a decade.

Media Opportunities:
Interview with artist Charmaine Olivia
Interview with owner/founder/curator Justin Giarla
High-resolution images available upon request

Event Information:
Name of Event: Muses
Opening Reception – February 9th, 2013, 7-11 pm
On View Through March 2nd, 2013,
@ Shooting Gallery (
886 Geary St
San Francisco, CA


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