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Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Couples Therapy

Like its title Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a creature with dual personalities. The mister is full of action, macho dialogue, T&A, and big explosions while the missus is full of funny lines, romantic moments, relationship discussions and couples therapy. Unfortunately, there is too much of one and too little of the other.

When the film opens with Mr. Smith (Brad Pitt) and Mrs. Smith (Angelina Jolie) in a therapy session discussing their marital issues (e.g. not remembering the last time they had sex), it seems as if you are in for a completely different and refreshingly original take on the summer blockbuster; that feeling, however, is short-lived.

You see Mr. and Mrs. Smith, unbeknownst to one another, are assassins. The Mr. Smith camp consists of a low-key operation run with his hilariously bitter business partner Eddie (Vince Vaughn) while the Mrs. Smith camp is run like a well-oiled hierarchical pride of she-spies. When they are both assigned the same target, the two enter a cat and mouse chase which gives each forty-eight hours to eliminate the other in order to protect their identities as well as their lives. The two quickly find that their excruciatingly boring suburban lives, which consist of lots of teeth-brushing, talk about meatloaf and stupid small talk at inane dinner parties, are about to change forever

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is essentially about love and relationships all jumbled up together with lots of fighting of the non-verbal variety. They should have stuck with the relationship part and avoided the action, which seems pinned on and merely serves as foreplay for sex anyways. Although whoever would call beating the crap out of your lover "foreplay" has serious problems. And, basically, this whole movie is ninety-minutes of foreplay; it's a good thing both these actors qualify as eye-candy.

But, perhaps that is the way of assassins who discover their true love only by killing each other. Whatever it is,Mr. & Mrs. Smith has its moments. Its funny parts are quite funny and its action parts are explosive. Too bad director Doug Liman (The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Identity) couldn't weave his magic the way he had in his previous films. If only they had a few more sessions of couples therapy.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars