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Moving Units w/ The Fever, The Wives


Take one part garage rock revival, fuse with two parts new wave, add a dash of punk, a few more pinches of post-punk, a drop of hardcore, dance pop, and a whole lot of attitude - mix - and sit back to enjoy the latest evolution of hipster-rock at Café Du Nord Friday, August 13th. Wait did I say, 'sit back?' I meant, 'Dance your asses, dammit!'

Moving Units continue to tour in support of their upcoming October release from Palm Pictures Dangerous Dreams, the LA trio's first full-length album. Along with bands like The Rapture and Liars, Moving Units has somehow managed to morph the indie-rock following into a dance scene. Hell, I'm okay with it if you are - I've always wanted to get down to some dirty guitar. And who better to lead this round of the "Electric Slide" than a band who members formerly comprised the hardcore outfit Festival of Dead Deer.

Be sure to arrive early enough to catch New York City's The Fever, whose Red Bedroom, high-energy live shows, and stellar new video for "Grey Ghost", the band's first single, have solidified them as one of the premier bands to look out for in a city near you. The show will leave you chanting the band motto, "The Fever, 4Ever!"