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Move.meant Aims for "The Good Money"

The Hip Hop Files

From the wine country of Sonoma County to the urban sprawl of southern California, Move.meant has worked to emerge from its humble beginnings and carve a niche for itself in the hip-hop fraternity.

So far lyricist Champ, DJ Spider, and producer Just Beats have shown potential, but only time (and a little luck) will tell what kind of impact the group will make. With the refreshing The Good Money EP leading the way before Move.meant's debut LP "The Scope of Things" is released in the first half of 2006, the trio has no room for stagnation.

The early seedlings of Move.meant can be traced back to the quaint campus of Sonoma State University, where Spider and Champ met while attending school. Champ, a native of Michigan, later relocated to Los Angeles where Spider introduced him to Just Beats. Move.meant was born and the trio wasted no time recording and getting gigs in the area.

"We really didn't start getting gigs until I moved to L.A. about three years ago," Champ said. "When we first met, we were just learning the ropes and going to college. We were still working on our craft individually."

In 2003, the 12-inch The Rebirth and The Move.meant EP -- both released on the group's own Wax Paper Records -- marked Move.meant's first commercial releases. The Good Money EP was released last November. But perhaps the trio's greatest success to date is its inclusion on the soundtrack of the critically acclaimed film Crash, which features "Problems" from their latest EP.

"We just got our music into the right hands," Just Beats said. "Everybody liked it and it worked perfect with the scene."

Despite confirmation from people involved with the project, the group had trouble believing that their song made it into the film.

"I went opening night just to experience it," Champ said. "It was crazy to hear it loud in a packed theater. It was just a real surreal experience."

Similar to the strong social message in the film, powerful commentary is infused into Move.meant's songs, despite the danceable and party friendly beats supplied by Just Beats. The Good Money EP is a prime example, with the title track staying close to the group's roots by paying homage to those that find themselves in often lackluster employment situations. Save the bling and the Cristal for later, this is a blue-collar hip hop outfit.

"We actually all still have jobs," Spider said.

Although the EP is saturated with social and political messages, the group maintains that it is not limited in scope of content, and its versatility will be apparent on the forthcoming LP.

"In the next couple of months when the album comes out, you'll be able to here those different sides," Spider said.

Move.meant will likely be restricted to its southern California digs until The Scope of Things hits the streets, but eventually Champ, Spider and Just Beats plan to hit the road and spread their message to audiences in northern California and beyond. After all, it's in their nature.

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