Morocco Swings

Event has passed (Fri Aug 4, 2006 - Fri Aug 4, 2006)
Cobalt Sun Gallery
7 pm
$0.00 - $8.00
Movies, Film Screening


Running Time: 66 minutes
Country: Morocco/Netherlands
Cast: Najat Aatabou, Sena gourdoe, SêNA Casita, Karima Lemghari, Farna El-Kadmiri.

Two generations of Moroccan singers meet in Amsterdam. Najat Aatabou, a celebrated ASTRE in the whole Arab world and remarkable woman, represents the first generation. Four Dutch singers of Moroccan descent represent the second generation. They are young and gifted, but they have to all contend with getting recognition and with identity problems. In the first place the confrontation with Najat Aatabou seems worsening; but a happy ending follows.

With this clandestinely recorded and illegally distributed song, Najat Aâtabou shocked the whole Morocco twenty years ago. Her parents shed tears and her brothers threatened to kill her. Najat Aâtabou fled from her birthplace, the village of Khemisset in the Central Atlas and lived in hiding for three years in Casablanca. She is now an established star throughout the Arab world.


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