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Morcheeba - The Antidote

Unsmoked… - Released on Echo, 9/27/05

Morcheeba's big breakthrough came with the release of the massively mellow, <i>Big Calm</i>. The album became ubiquitous showing up on coffee tables, DJ's late evening/early AM turntable selections, and every party that was trying to be cool. For those who couldn't appreciate the vague euphoria of a late night joint, a few tracks from <i>Big Calm</i> served as an audio equivalent.

Seven years later, Morcheeba has released <i>The Antidote</i>. While the sound of <i>The Antidote</i> is a far cry from the ganja infused <i>Big Calm</i>, there's little question that Morcheeba is a talented group of artists unafraid to tread unexplored terrain. In every album since <i>Big Calm</i>, Morcheeba has explored a slightly different sound while still managing to please the ears of <i>Big Calm</i> lovers.

Admittedly, <i>The Antidote</i> is perhaps the least creative and exploratory of Morcheeba's albums, but it still contains the sultry and intoxicating vocals of Daisy Martey backed by rhythms and beats that are easy on the ears.

Morcheeba has always had a gift for catchy and provocative lyrics. This gift is once again on display in <i>The Antidote</i>. The tongue in cheek, "Everybody Loves a Loser" hooks you with the imminently singable chorus, "I think you'll find/Everybody loves a loser/So you'll be fine/You won't be lonely long." "God Bless and Goodbye" is another standout track that addresses the universal conundrum the recently dumped (or dumpee) faces.

So, <i>The Antidote</i> is no <i>Big Calm</i>, but is nevertheless a solidly entertaining album brimming with positive energy that is bound to lighten the day of just about anyone. In other words, Morcheeba's latest is effectively an antidote for anyone stuck in a funk. So, things aren't working out the way you planned? No sweat…everybody loves a loser.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars