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MONO, the Japanese instrumental rock quartet who have established themselves as "one of the most distinctive bands of the 21st century" (Pitchfork), have announced their new album, For My Parents, will be issued by Temporary Residence Ltd. on September 4, 2012. There is no doubting a MONO song when you hear it - cinemascopic song structures, engrossing lyrical melodies, sublimely transcendent execution - and no denying their uncanny ability to feel perfectly at home in both pristine symphony halls and dirty rock clubs. For My Parents obliterates that divide, showcasing a sensitivity and maturity that simultaneously acknowledges where they came from and where they're going.

For the new album the band worked with legendary New York producer Henry Hirsch, recording in a converted cathedral overlooking the Hudson River, and mixing with longtime friend Fred Weaver in rural Pennsylvania. Embracing their evolution as a preeminent neoclassical noise juggernaut, MONO once again enlisted the Wordless Music Orchestra, who had previously accompanied the band in NYC during their worldwide series of orchestral concerts. Coming more than three years after the highly regarded Hymn To The Immortal Wind, For My Parents represents the longest span of time between MONO albums, resulting in sharper songwriting, subtler dynamics, stunning production, and the most thoughtfully developed arrangements of their career. The unique combination of soul-stirring melodies, cinematic East-meets-West arrangements, and firm command of elusive emotional intangibles is what makes MONO so...well, so MONO.

Within the rage of distortion and bombardment of feedback, you are just as likely to experience sadness and beauty, light and darkness, chaos and peace, happiness and melancholy. It is MONO’s ability to combine, intertwine and swing back and forth from two such opposite extremes to create an emotional phantasmagoria that makes this band worth experiencing.


  1. Rickshaw Stop
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