"Moments of Truth," reading of a new musical

Event has passed (Sat Jan 26, 2013 - Sat Jan 26, 2013)
Musically Minded Academy
7:30 PM
Theater, Musical


Is art dangerous? How risky is the truth?
Nan Browne hasn’t painted in years, preferring a secure place on the fringes of the art world ---and in her husband Gerald’s shadow. Her career and marriage are upended when her former art school roommate Chloe shows up at the heartland university where Nan is organizing a visiting artists exhibition. Chloe hopes Nan will help her to reestablish her reputation and be reinstated with her former gallery after a scandal has left her photography career in tatters. But the motif of Chloe’s comeback collection, “Moments of Truth,” turns out to be more dangerous than either of them anticipated. And when Nan agrees to paint a companion interpretation of Chloe’s photographs, her safe, comfortable world is shaken to its core.


  1. Musically Minded Academy
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