Moment Wednesday Night Drop-ins

Event has passed (Wed Jul 18, 2018 - Wed Dec 26, 2018)
Moment Improv Theatre
7:00 PM
Class / Workshop, Theater / Performance Arts


Imagine if you could have more control over your life, be more confident and have greater peace when you don’t? What if you could learn how to do this in a supportive community that has your back? What if you could learn these skills through laughter, joy, and play?

You can have all of this and more, through the practice of improv.

At Moment Improv we believe in creating a community of supportive artists. We believe that anyone can improvise, because you already do it every day. We believe humans have the capacity to be more present, more empathetic, closer, have more fun, and can live their lives to the fullest when they believe in themselves. We believe that people can believe in themselves and their choices with confidence and live their lives with greatness while positively effecting those around them.

We teach improv to humans so they can feel more comfortable in their own skin.
We teach improv to actors so they can feel confident in their choices.
We teach Improv to improvisers because improv is not a crap shoot and you can have consistently good shows.

Join us for this fun 2 hour drop-in improv session. During each class students will be met where they are at and instruction will be led by a passionate teacher that will keep the fun flowing. It is a great way to break up the monotony of the work week and to meet new people. We cater to all walks of life in this fun, inclusive, and community driven drop-in.

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Only 16 slots available per class so take the leap and drop into the moment!


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