Moment Improv Wednesday Night Drop-ins

Wed May 29 (full schedule below)
Moment Improv Theatre
Comedy, Class / Workshop, Theater / Performance Arts


This is an entry-level drop in improv course open to everyone, accomplished improvisers and beginners alike!

So what is improv?
Improv is like when you were a kid during recess and you played make-believe adventures with your friends. Improv classes help you remember how to do that again.

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Moment Improv offers weekly drop-in classes Wednesdays at 7PM as well as six levels of classes. For more information on our classes, check them out online:

Put the IMPROV in improve.
-Rediscover your creative side
-Met new people, make new friends
-Learn to effectively listen and communicate
-Mix it up a little and do something social

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Get lost in the moment, make new friends, and let your imagination lead the way!

Only 16 slots available per class so take the leap and drop into the moment!


Moment Improv Theatre
533 Sutter Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA
Wed May 29 (7pm)
Wed Jun 5 (7pm)
Wed Jun 12 (7pm)
Wed Jun 19 (7pm)
Wed Jun 26 (7pm)


  1. Moment Improv Theatre 533 Sutter Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA