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Modern Kids Design is an online store specializing in a diverse array of kids’ products that have a clean design aesthetic and eco-friendly. Founded by Yvonne Hopkins, a dedicated green lifestyle enthusiast and a mother, Modern Kids Design’s core values revolve around the responsibilities us humans share to protect mother earth and to inculcate the same eco-friendly mindset in our kids as well. We believe that when we are surrounded with beautiful and well-designed objects, they will help us feel better about our life and we want the kids to feel good about their lives too. Our online store features a wide array of beautifully designed kid products, products for kids of all ages, from infants to teens. In addition, every product featured in the store is eco-friendly, allergy free and completely safe and organic for use. To start with, we have kids clothing for both boys and girls that are made from natural fibers like cotton that are soft and rash-free on kids’ skin. The store also features cozy and colorful kids bedding made from organic materials like cotton and bamboo; green living dining products like cool shiny dishes, bento boxes and natural snack pouches; unique kids furniture such as convertible cribs and dressers with sleek design; toys for kids that are fun, functional, imaginative; and many other eco-friendly kid products such as gifts, décor items, spa and bathroom products etc. For more, visit and