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Moby - Last Night

Released on Mute Records, 3/31/2008

What does a frenetic night of nostalgic clubhopping sound like? This may depend on who youíre with, what youíve had to drink and what other chemical substances might be coursing through your veins. Itís safe to say that Moby has had more than his fair share of experiences with these kinds of evenings. This was, after all, the inspiration for Last Night. Moby makes a valiant attempt to capture the moods, emotions, and energy of an 8-hour evening and condense it into a relatively compact 65-minute album.

Moby kicks things off with the casually optimistic "Ooh Yeah" which has the sound of shared cocktails with close friends. Itís a slow, mellow groove that is perhaps the perfect way to get an evening out started. Backing the track are some female diva vocals that lure like sirens circa 1975. There is a pronounced disco feel to "Ooh Yeah" that almost makes you want to wear bell bottoms again.

Continuing with this disco theme is the second track from Last Night, the more overtly 70s infused "I Love To Move In Here". This is a track that would have fit in quite well at Studio 54 and have catalyzed plenty of moving on the dance floor. This solid track is well complemented by rolling Italian pianos in the background and a cameo by Grandmaster Caz (the man who provided most of the rhymes for "Rapperís Delight").

Another stand out track is the piano heavy "Everyday itís Like 1989". Once again, we are treated to some soulful accompanying female backing vocals, but this one feels more like a big house rave anthem replete with glow sticks. This track is strategically placed 4th (out of 14) and seems like the kind of track best appreciated after the first three tracks or cocktailsÖwhichever comes first.

In the latter stages of the album, the energy and tone shifts considerably as the evening begins to grudgingly yield to morning and fatigue (or lengthy inebriation) starts to take its toll. "Sweet Apocalypse" is perhaps the best of these post-clubhopping tracks and sounds like a long evening fading into a gray morning washed down with a strong cup of coffee. Itís a darkly soothing track that one could easily pass out to in a comfortable lounge chair.

Last Night is the kind of concept album that does a pretty good job of evoking an eight hour evening of clubhopping. From elation and euphoria to fatigue and exhaustion, Moby covers most of the bases quite well. The album isnít a classic, but with the right audience and the right venue Last Night would do a solid job of setting the tone for the evening (and morning after).

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars