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Mobius Band - The Loving Sounds of Static

Released August 9th on Ghostly International

Mobius Band have created an album that follows a formula defined and made popular by more mature bands such as The Doves, Postal Service and even M83. The difference between what Mobius Band is doing from say The Postal Service's electronic swaying and head bobbing is that Mobius fails to fill the gaps with the right bips, scratches and loops that can generate a real emotive quality.

The heart of this trio's second full-length effort roots itself in the belief that any song can sound good if you lay some random synth tracks around basic instrumentation. It works for brief moments on the first two tracks "Detach" and "Radio Coup" where they focus their attention on making an interesting and levitating experience. Perhaps the only other track that holds good measure is the title track where they almost completely get rid of their electronic misgivings and show off their real instrumental talents. Although a bit less polished, their previous self-released albums <i>two</i> and <i>three</i> are a better testament to the kind of talent that lies dormant in this album.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars