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463 Union Street, San Francisco, CA
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MixedUSE celebrates the form and function of vintage fashion and mid-century modern furniture, as each piece is as individual and handpicked as a work of art. The pieces we select promote the contemporary aesthetic of fashion and design today while keeping to the environmentally friendly ideal of our store: renew, reuse and recycle. The inviting experience of our space creates a dialogue about the relationships between art, design and fashion and how all these things live together.

MixedUSE fine art gallery showcases work by both professional and emerging artists. Conceptual content is in the forerunning position of the art we choose to exhibit, but the driving force for our selection of work is in its ultimate execution. Our exhibitions reflect the quality and concepts that are the vital underpinnings of all our collections. This curatorial selection process applies to all the objects displayed throughout the store.

We are not just a store or a gallery, we are an experience.