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Midnight Strangers — Days of Decadence

Released by Green Light Go, 4/17/09

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Rising through the ashes of conspicuous consumption and the over plastic commercialized age; Midnight Strangers release Days of Decadence as a musical signpost to yesteryear.

Chris Swimley’s vocals sound analogous to U2’s Bono in both lyrical depth and tenor. Swimley has also brought in Anthony Petrocchi on drums and Rob Pera on guitar for the album. The layer cake of guitars and synthesizers make for ebullient mix of retro new wave. Emanating from San Francisco, Chris’s experience living for a time in LA brought to bear heavily with the album’s message and theme.

“The Future of Humanity” opens with spsychedelic vocal echoing and a looping guitar riff while “Night Drifter” has a bass line right out of Radiohead’s “The National Anthem”. The iteration doesn’t take away that it’s solid and rocking. “City of Industry” is an electronic whirlwind of a song. With its turbocharged synths and rambunctious mix of guitar and drums you feel like echoing Swimley’s sentiment, asking yourself, “where am I?”

Midnight Strangers do a great job of shifting gears throughout the album moving from slow to fast and back down like a hedonistic Ferrari on a test drive. A favorite and musical arcade of what Days of Decadence encapsulates, “Bright Lights” brings together all the ingredients for a devilish cocktail of stardom. Lyrics characterizing the self-indulgent era reflect the bright light of contemplation and wisdom in all ten tracks, but no more so than in this ditty.

Midnight Strangers rip at guitars and rally on synthesizers to end the depravity. Swimley won “Best Male Alternative Vocalist of the Year” at the 2007 LA Music Awards and could’ve easily let the success go to his head leading to the pitfalls of self entitlement. Instead, he and his mates went to work note by note, track by track, building and laboring the ole American way.