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Michael Jacksonís This Is It

Donít Stop ĎTil You Get Enough

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

A lot of controversy surrounds This Is It and for good reason. Is it merely an exploitation of Michael Jackson? Probably. But is it a film that was worth being made? Yes. Maybe it shouldnít have been rushed out in the wake of his death, but it is an interesting look at what could have been. While the film does offer great insight into what he and director Kenny Ortega were putting together, itís ultimately a documentary about a show that will, sadly, never be produced.

The reason everyone - fans and the curious alike - will be flocking to see This Is It, is to catch a glimpse of the final days of Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, we get no intimate details of his life, only rehearsal footage for what would have been his final curtain call. Itís bittersweet to see that he appeared to be in good spirits and he could still sing and dance, contrary to popular belief. He wasnít as energetic as he was in his heyday, but what 50-year old is?

Itís amazing to see just how in control he was. Kenny Ortega (High School Musical) may have been the director, but Michael Jackson was the auteur. He knew exactly how everything should sound and look. Every criticism was given ďwith love", but itís obvious he was still a perfectionist at heart. He honestly wanted to give his audience nothing less than his best.

There are moments where he appears to be tired or a bit off, but nothing out of the ordinary. What is extraordinary is the show he and Ortega were putting together. Itís a pity weíll never see the full show the two were concocting but from what is shown, it looks like it would have been all that Jackson said it would have been.

Many will smile that we get to see Michael Jackson happy and exercising his artistic genius in his final days, but This Is It really offers nothing more than that. In years to come, it will be an unfinished page in the book of Michael Jackson but it will hardly be his swan song. Ortega should be commended that he actually pulled together a worthwhile experience with limited time and resources, itís just a shame weíll never see his true vision.