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Mercury Rev: The Secret Migration

Subtle Love Songs --- Released: May 17th (on V2 Records)

In the Far East people are known to obsess over sci-fi, a form of modern mythology. Mercury Rev's lead signer Keith Donahue could be American music's modern day shaman, but don't ask for all the answers at once. <i>The Secret Migration</i> takes a lyrical leap into the realm of cloudy affirmations of love and the changing seasons of life.

The first single and first track "Secret For A Song" is a great beginning that pulls off the fantastic tale of the lover's trading post. The album's main fault comes with the lack of variety amidst all those subtle melodies. There is an attempt to switch pace in "Vermillion" but it's not enough to carry you through to the end without thinking, "Didn't I just listen to that song?"

<i>Migration</i> is a Rock band's straightforward attempt at subtle explorations and refinement. Over all it comes off sounding too orchestrated and too clear. The best that Rev fans could hope for is the prospects that this may be the first installment in a series of progressively better albums to come.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars