Mensho Tokyo

676 Geary Street, San Francisco , CA
+1 415.800.8345
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What makes it authentic Japanese ramen? There are five things that make up ramen, said Abram Plaut, Shono’s Bay Area-based business partner known as Ramen Beast for his ramen reviews and coming ramen app. Those five pillars are: soup, noodles, toppings, oil, and tare (the sauces mixed in).  Those can combine in an infinite number of variations, meaning that ramen is “very simple,” said Plaut, but also very complex. Much of the ramen around the Bay Area, he said, is really just “noodle soup.” But Mensho perfects the combination of all five pillars to elevate the dish beyond soup. -


  • 庄野智治

  • 麺や庄のgotsubo 本日、店長の息子の運動会のため、臨時休業とさせて頂きます。よろしくお願いします。
  • RT @Kiki_TreeTree: 今週も東京出張。ランチは護国寺の『MENSHO』さんにて、潮らーめん+うずら味玉を食す。その名の通り、どんぶりの中に海を感じられる一杯。食材から食器に至るまで全てが厳選されており、上品で贅沢なラーメン!!これなら、高価格もやむなし。 htt…
  • RT @satoshi0841: 5/18 『塩と煮干し+[email protected]@護国寺』 このスープと麺のマッチングが素晴らしい!清湯の濃密スープだけど、食べ進んでもまったく飽きもこず、かほり高い印象。5/20までのラーマガNAKED限定とのこと、食べれて良かった(^^)d ht…