Men's Health Specialist (men over 50)

Castro Valley, CA
+1 510.663.8106
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Health & Wellness, Massage Therapist, Adult, Sex Education
Sun (11pm - 6pm)
Mon - Fri (7am - 8pm)
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This holistic, healing, relaxing session is tailored made for the qualified man! Pelvic massage helps to increase blood flow circulation. This session is non-sexual, just a session that will allow a man to to totally let go. If you are accustomed to clinical office sessions (sports,gym,chiropractic settings)you too can take advantage of this session without the sensuality.

This entire session is geared for men who require results. A session of relief and satisfaction.

This session is great for any man who requires service with quality. This session is not prostitution or sexual intercourse of ANY KIND!