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Jan 28th - Feb 10th
By Melissa Lane (Sep 06, 2015)
Art SF throws down in their usual creative extravagance to stick it to the Jesus-freaks and office-holding knuckle-draggers. Buckey Sinister hosts "Fuck Your Freedom" on Jan 28th to celebrate civil liberties, Satan and the new CD by Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba and United Satanic Apache Front. Winston Smith and the Church of Satan will join the good reverend in showing off their art wares whilst Lady Hades performs and many a spoken word artist ignite the theme of uncivil disobedience. Entrance is $5-$10 unless you're such a proud Christian that you must identify as such to the doorman then it's $23, sucker. More »
Feb 11th to Feb 24th
By Melissa Lane (Sep 06, 2015)
February hurts. A grayish, coldish wetness stretches interminably ahead, the groundhog saw its shadow and Valentine's is on a Monday. The next two weeks reign in a carnival of creep, cynicism and cheap thrills that could make the sassiest Tenderloin tranny cringe: a new little black dress made of trash bags; humans living in cages for a week (protests are already in the planning); and Ronald McDonald holding two topless girls by a fistful of their hair. So don't get fruity on the 14th -- like my duplicitous friend Claudia likes to say: celebrate V.D. and spread the love. More »
March 25th - April 7th
By Melissa Lane (Feb 25, 2005)
The deeply complex, soul-searching rhythm and blues legend Marvin Gaye inspired Soul Salon 10, a multi-media exhibit exploring the late, great musician's work. Fourteen visual artists from the Bay Area and Southern California will be joined by music, spoken word, and slide shows to interpret what his life came to signify before it tragically ended in 1984. Named after one of the Motown artist's favorite songs, The Trouble Man Exhibit will open from 1 to 4 pm on April 2nd at the African American Museum and Library at Oakland. The show continues through May 28th. More »
March 11th - 24th
By Melissa Lane (Feb 11, 2005)
The Commonwealth Club rounds up local art luminaries to talk smart about art. Specifically, they'll hash out what happens when you mix your fine arts with your nightlife. Jennifer Rogers, co-owner of Varnish Fine Art; Laura Janku, editor of Artweek; Gabe Scott, curator for 111 Minna Gallery; and Ariane Maclean, director of Gen Art SF will explore the good and the bad between the two. Are they using each other? Do they see each other as a cheap one-night gimmick? Or do they still respect each other in the morning, feeling revitalized from a night of synergistic mingling? Ali Ghanbarian, Editor of SOMA Magazine will moderate and keep the kids More »
Feb 25th - March 10th
By Melissa Lane (Jan 25, 2005)
Due to lease problems, the Punch Gallery will be closing its doors at the end of the month. They arrived almost exactly three years ago on a mission to promote urban art. By any measure -- dance, visual art, music or installation -- they have maintained a consistent presence within the city's different artistic street cultures. They go out in true form by featuring New York's composer-violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain: a man known to use his violin as an ambassador of hip-hop to classical music circles. Friday Feb 25th will be their final farewell. . . More »
Jan 14th 27th
By Melissa Lane (Dec 14, 2005)
On Friday, January 21st, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts throws open the doors of the Grand Lobby and Galleries to celebrate the opening of three new visual arts exhibits. From 8-11pm, there will be a cash bar with live vaudevillian performances, DJs and continuous showings of old magic films. Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door. The new exhibits continue through April 3rd and are as follows: More »
A Bonefide Art Form Makes a Comeback
By Melissa Lane (Sep 02, 2004)
A couple of weeks ago, the gritty underworld carnival of the Tenderloin surrendered a couple of sidewalk squares to a luau jubilantly splashing out of The Shooting Gallery. A hut-like umbrella loomed over a debonair crowd sloshing back exotic drinks from the bicycle-bar, chatting excitedly. The toast of this swinging soiree? The second coming of tiki art -- what is already being called "nouveau tiki". More »
melissa lane's Articles
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