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Drama-free dance-punk genius
By Melissa Goldstein (Jul 12, 2015)
If every band's rise to fame resembled Franz Ferdinand's, Behind the Music would cease to exist. Fortunately for VH1, and water cooler conversationalists everywhere, Franz Ferdinand isn't like every band. Charmingly devoid of drama, despite a recent almost too-tabloid-to-be-true brawl with Eminem's bodyguard, and a name that suggests otherwise (the Archbishop Franz Ferdinand's assassination sparked WWI) the four piece band seems happy to be, well, happy. More »
By Melissa Goldstein (Sep 23, 2014)
[i]You know[/i] Ben Kweller. He sings those quirky, plot-driven, charmingly angst-filled, [i]Reality Bites[/i] soundtrack-worthy songs. Has a haircut like Beck's -- still don't know him? More »
Get Down With The Down Under
By Melissa Goldstein (Nov 04, 2012)
They're Australian for Rock. The Vines climbed their way into the public consciousness in 2002, with the momentous Highly Evolved, a rollicking album filled with tuneful tracks and rock out anthems ("Outtathaway" anyone?) with mosh-appeal. The timing was right: Rock was Alive, "The" was every group's new favorite article of choice, and MTV was looking for a few good bands for their West Side Story goes Jam-off awards show number. More »
By Melissa Goldstein (Jul 18, 2006)
There's many a diamond-in-the-rough that is Polk Street. For those who only travel to the street for pilgrimages to the Red Devil Lounge, Green's sports bar, or the Alhambra Gorilla Sports, you're missing out on some prime shopping spots. Polk has everything from antiques to high fashion. Cris, Molte Cose, Bella Cose, Girl Stuff, and Prize top the 'greatest hits list' of what you'll find on this sometimes forgotten street. More »
By Melissa Goldstein (May 29, 2004)
One look at Street is enough to suck you in from the one you're standing on. It's evident from the chic scarlet backdrop that chef/owner John Lamkin and co-owner Lynn Ramsey knew what they were doing when they gutted the space previously known as Sweet Heat. Encapsulating what you always hope for in a restaurant - the perfect balance of atmosphere with high-quality food -this Polk street oasis is the ideal dining destination. Meet a group of friends, take over the corner window table, and enjoy a prize-winning view of passersby; or cozy into an intimate two-seater for a first or even fiftieth date. More »
Retro New Wave
By Melissa Goldstein (May 11, 2004)
What Happens In Vegas sometimes fronts like it happened in England. In the grand tradition of the Material Girl, anglophile angst-rockers The Killers aren't from the UK, but they want you to think they are. Spawned in Sin City, the four-piece group, named for a fictional band from a New Order video, mixes hyper-synthesized sound with Brit Pop attitude- and accents. More »
For A Ltd. Time
By Melissa Goldstein (Apr 05, 2004)
Like that time Brandon crashed his car on 90210, Ambulance Ltd. is under the influence. The difference is, the much-buzzed-about band's influences are of the talented sort: from the Beatles and The Smiths to My Bloody Valentineand Hall and Oates. A direct correlation to the group's singular musical mentor is as difficult to trace as DNA at a mafia crime scene. Hailing from opposite coasts of the country, plus one from Ireland for that icing-on-the-cake UK cred, the band members' diverse backgrounds could explain their nebulous multi-layered sound. More »
Noe Valley's Hip Hideout
By Melissa Goldstein (Dec 21, 2004)
It's sushi with an edge. Forget the typical atmo that's usually attached to your edamame - Deep Sushi is dining out in every sense of the word. Located in outer Noe Valley, locals and other-side-of-towners alike place this sign-less neighborhood haunt on their destination dining hit lists. More »
Sex and Steaks Return to Broadway
By Melissa Goldstein (Dec 21, 2004)
If "The Man Show" opened a restaurant - this would be it. With a décor that says decadence and a sideshow that says strip club, the Penthouse Grille is the ultimate destination for those whose list of favorite things starts with steak and ends with skin. The Grille, located above the Broadway Showgirls Cabaret (formerly the fine-dining strip club Boys Toys), is part of the space's multi-million dollar renovation by San Francisco-based I Studios and designers Mark English and Alessandro Miramare. More »
By Melissa Goldstein (Oct 01, 2003)
"Nothing is ever the same as they said it was. It's what I've never seen before that I recognize." So writes Diane Arbus - the painfully talented photographer whose work is currently on display at the SF MOMA's exhibition of her photographs - [i]Revelations[/i]. Giving more than a passing glance to the disenfranchised or, more precisely, the freaks of this world, Arbus also pays homage to a dichotomy of subjects. From the glamorous to the disturbing, her pieces very often conjure both at the same time, for example, "The Vertical Journey" for Esquire, 1960... More »
Melissa Goldstein's Articles
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