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The Hardest-Working Man In The Art World
By Maureen Hanratty (May 04, 2012)
The exhibit of approximately 300 pieces spanning the forty plus years of Richard Tuttle's artistic output begins with a group of twelve paper octagonals pasted directly to the wall. Barely perceptible they teeter on the edge of being and nothingness. Richard Tuttle is not a master craftsmen or virtuoso painter. He wills his works into being. His personality can be felt in each one of his pieces. It's a quality that separates him from so many of his peers and the reason why The Art of Richard Tuttle will be enjoyed by a broad-range of museum visitors. More »
An Evocative, Visually Ravishing Trilogy
By Maureen Hanratty (May 04, 2012)
Jeremy Blake conjures up the ghosts of the Winchester Mystery House in his evocative, visually ravishing trilogy 'Winchester'. Presented as a triptych and screened simultaneously 'Winchester, 2002', '1906', 2003 and 'Century 21', 2004, explore the paranoia and madness that drove the Winchester rifle heiress Sarah Winchester to build a sprawling mansion in San Jose to pacify the spirits of those killed by her family's famous firearms. More »
Everywhere is Anywhere
By Maureen Hanratty (May 04, 2012)
[i]William Eggleston: Los Alamos[/i] at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is a small gem of a show and required viewing for any serious student of photography. The dye transfer prints featured in the exhibit are from a recently rediscovered series of eighty-eight photographs taken by the artist in the mid-sixties to mid-seventies in Memphis, Tennessee and from a series of road trips through the American South. Considered by many to be the "father of color photography," Eggleston's saturated, snapshot-style photographs of automobiles, storefronts, and parking lots are beautiful yet wholly unromantic portraits of ordinary American life. More »
Bay Area Conceptual Craft @ SoEx
By Maureen Hanratty (Aug 23, 2005)
Well-crafted, thoughtfully conceived Bay Area art gets its due at a diverse, cross-generational show at Southern Exposure Gallery. [i]Practice Makes Perfect: Bay Area Conceptual Craft[/i] trades style for substance, youth for experience, and faux naivety for real chops. It restores the faith of those who wondered if the San Francisco art community had fizzled into a one-horse town. More »
A Room with a View
By Maureen Hanratty (Jul 31, 2005)
Despite small rooms and a so-so location, the Hotel Des Arts has carved out a niche for itself in the city's boutique hotel market by allowing emerging artists full artistic control in painting a number of the hotels' rooms. The local talent is particularly well suited to large-scale wall painting. Graffiti art has a strong presence in the area and mural painting is widespread and well supported in San Francisco. The prevailing aesthetic is flat and graphic, a style easy to render in latex house paints. The artists whose work is featured on the walls of the hotel are not the Piero della Francesca's of our time, but they do serve up some fun. More »
A Fresh Look at the Comic Aesthetic
By Maureen Hanratty (Apr 12, 2005)
Strange Tales is not the first time artists Nick Ackerman, David Huffman and Chris Oliveria have exhibited together. Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery showed the trio in 2001. Putting them together is a no-brainer. Comics and cartoons are a strong influence, violence a preoccupation and all received MFAs from California College of the Arts. More »
at CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts
By Maureen Hanratty (Mar 28, 2005)
The CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts' "Monuments For the USA" is a surprisingly humorous and moving collection of artist proposals addressing the country's contemporary political and social landscape. It is a show of ideas, with photos, drawings, and sculptures taking a back seat to the artists' incisive and thoughtfully written texts. In truth they are a collection of anti-monuments often satirical, sometimes ridiculous and refreshingly un-didactic. More »
The Good, The Bad & the Not-So-Good
By Maureen Hanratty (Feb 18, 2005)
Architecture. If you went to art school it was the major your mother wished you had chosen. If you went the fine art route instead, itís always the medium from which you pillage. For the intellectually inclined, architecture offers meaty texts with utopian aspirations. Others see the architectural practice as a natural extension of their compulsive building habits. Strange Architecture, a group-show of architecture-inspired work at the Catherine Clark Gallery is good, not-so-bad and, in only one instance, ugly. More »
A New Space for Bay Area Art
By Maureen Hanratty (Nov 02, 2004)
Fecal face dot com sounds like a poo fetish site, but for those in the know itís the best place online to see new Bay Area art. Photographer, web designer, aspiring filmmaker John Trippe started the site in 2000 and has since gained a loyal following on the web and some really talented artist friends. A gallery space was the next logical step and on November 20th Low Gallery opened its first group show in a small storefront in the Mission. More »
Emerging artists: North of King City to South of the Oregon border
By Maureen Hanratty (Oct 18, 2004)
Southern Exposure's 14th Annual Juried Exhibition Epic hardly seems epic when you enter the gallery's cavernous first floor. Out of 633 submissions only twenty-six artists were selected for this year's show, each represented by one piece of art all well below the 6 x 6 x 8 ft dimension limit. More »
Maureen Hanratty's Articles
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