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A Lesson in Scottish
By Matt Munday (Oct 25, 2005)
A few years ago, there arose a point of controversy within British TV broadcasting concerning regional accents. At the time, newsreaders were mostly Oxbridge graduates, or at least educated at "public school" (an Orwellian term which the British use to denote its exact opposite: "private school"). As a result of their education, these newsreaders sounded nothing like the millions of working- and middle-class people who tuned in each day -- most of whom only expected such dialectal purity from the Queen during her annual Christmas speech. More »
Prose Poetry
By Matt Munday (Oct 04, 2005)
Mary Gaitskill's novel Veronica tells the story of the hepatitis-riddled narrator, Alison, who, in middle age, looks back on her experiences as a child runaway and fashion model. The novel spans one day of Alison's present life as a cleaner in San Rafael. Debilitated by a car accident and anchored to the past by her vivid memories, Alison relives the defining moments of her life through a patchwork of grim recollections. She recounts everything -- her parents' separation, cynical sex with model scouts, her friend Veronica's death from AIDS -- with the same detached but penetrating tone. More »
Diagnosis: Undecided
By Matt Munday (Sep 21, 2005)
Benjamin Kunkel's debut novel, [i]Indecision[/i], is the fictional memoir of Dwight Wilmerding, an intellectually humble (but not unintelligent) young man from New York City. Set in New York pre-, during and post- 9/11, while also having a large section set in South American, [i]Indecision[/i] is primarily a story of a man in search of meaning and resolution. Sadly, the disparate bunch of idealologues that constitute his friends and family provide neither. More »
Booze & Books
By Matt Munday (Sep 04, 2005)
Like books? Enjoy the unsolicited intimacy of crowded rooms? Want to take intrusive, ill-timed flash photographs of some of your favourite local authors? Simply have a drinking problem? Then you'll be glad to hear that on October 7th, [b]Litquake[/b] is back for its fourth year -- this time bigger and more literary than ever before. More »
matt munday's Articles
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