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March of the Penguins

A Journey Wrought with Danger

Every year a remarkable journey begins for a few brave souls in perhaps the harshest climate on the planet, Antartica. These hardy souls soldier on for in excess of seventy miles to insure their survival. Fraught with peril at every turn, one might consider such a journey suicide. However, the heroes of this story (Emperor Penguins) have somehow managed this journey for millennia.

Writer and director Luc Jacquet beautifully captures the amazing journey of the Emperor Penguins as they travel toward an area of the world where no other life exists to breed and propagate the species. It is truly a journey like no other and awing to behold as the penguins seem to almost intuit the right direction to go without map or compass.

Acting as guide for this adventure is the voice of Morgan Freeman. Freeman's narration sheds light on just how challenging the journey is for the penguins. From bitterly cold conditions, to natural predators, to going without food for several months, these penguins somehow find a way to endure and survive.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars