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Made of Honor

Made of Clichés

Given Patrick Dempsey’s ascent to "dreamboat" (aka McSteamy) status on "Grey’s Anatomy", it’s not surprising that Hollywood execs would try to leverage his fleeting swoonability for all it’s worth. Enchanted was a clever romantic comedy of sorts and Dempsey did his part as a handsome and charming would be prince. However, Made of Honor is the kind of film that could end Dempsey’s resurgent film career before it’s even managed to get him laid a few times.

Dempsey plays the charming (some might say smarmy) lady’s man, Tom. We first meet Tom when he’s in college charming the pants (literally) off of drunken freshman. A late night mishap has him run afoul of Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) who has heard of Tom and is not a fan. Despite their differences, there is clearly some kind of attraction simmering beneath the surface. This opening sequence was practically lifted from When Harry Met Sally.

Fast forward 10 years and these two are the BEST of friends. Tom and Hannah work together and engage each other like they’re an old couple who has spent a lifetime together. Tom is still a lady’s man and Hannah still finds him charming and endearing (because he’s "McDreamy" after all).

When Hannah takes a lengthy six week vacation, Tom predictably realizes he LOVES Hannah and always has! Unfortunately, Hannah returns with a Scottish stud and a rock on her finger. What is this lothario to do to win Hannah back? Naturally, step up and be Hannah’s maid of honor and find a way to win Hannah back from the inside.

The biggest criticism one can hurl at Made of Honor is the gross predictability of the film. There is so much of the film that feels like it was stolen from When Harry Met Sally, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and just about every other romantic comedy in between. There’s absolutely no doubt at any point in the film how this one’s going to turn out.

The aforementioned is the biggest criticism, but there is another big problem with Made of Honor. It’s extraordinarily difficult to believe that Hannah and Tom would remain such close friends for 10 years and not once have had too much to drink and "compromise" their friendship. Particularly given how much chemistry these two have on screen.

Perhaps this is the one saving grace in Made of Honor. Patrick Dempsey despite his womanizing ways is not an inherently unlikable scumbag. He has some redeeming and even charming qualities. Likewise, Hannah is an attractive and sweet woman. The two of them seem genuinely comfortable on screen together. So, Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan deserve some credit for their performances.

Alas, there is little else to recommend in Made of Honor. The laughs are few and far between and the staggering predictability of the film has everything figured out by the end of the opening sequence. If you’re craving romantic comedy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall would be an infinitely better choice.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars