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Kickin’ Out the Jams on Their Way to the UK

San Francisco’s own Luxxury are causing quite a stir as of late. Their anxiously awaited album, Rock and Roll (is Evil), is due out October 10th and already they are headed to the sunny UK for a whirlwind tour before they head back to the US for their release shows. You may be wondering what this Luxxury sound like, and you are in luck: “New Order being strangled by David Bowie while Paris Hilton blows Daniel Ash at an LCD Soundsystem show”, write the band on their painfully pink Myspace page. Hmmm. I'm not sure I can wrap my head around that one. What about “Bryan Ferry and The Faint lounging in the Penthouse suite as John Lydon renews his subscription to Vanity Fair”? Right.

Luxxury, though they may wear their influences on their sleeves, are gracious and well versed enough to have giant, flowing, multi-faceted sleeves. In short, they will get you to move your feet even if your nickname is “Wally McFlowers”. The band themselves site the obvious: New Order, The Faint and Gary Numan, the not so obvious: Bad Brains, ABBA and Megadeath, and just about everything in between.

What you will hear is well-crafted dance song after well-crafted dance song thick with heavy synths and laden with innuendo. Luxxury is a dance-glam-electro-sex-booty band. A guilty pleasure perhaps. They have won over the mighty LIVE 105 and were named “one of the finds of the year” by London’s Synthpop. Catch these guys before they take the world by storm.

w/ The Otherside and Subimage
at Café Du Nord
Thurs Aug 31
9pm, $8