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Luna Angel Q&A

A Ladyís Touch

Life is not always easy in the music industry, and itís sometimes even harder for women. Up-and-coming songstress Luna Angel brings a ladyís touch to reggae music, which is dominated by male vocalists and only has a handful of female stars. The Berkeley-based singer is making big moves in 2007 with a new management team, plans to record her second album, and a pending relocation to Los Angeles. Luna Angel performs at the Ragga Muffins festival at the Bill Graham Civic Center on Feb. 24. She spoke with SF Station during a phone interview.

SF Station (SFS): You are the only female act at the Ragga Muffins reggae festival. Is that the case at most of the festivals you play?

Luna Angel (LA): Definitely. It is pretty male dominated and almost always mostly male artists.

SFS: Why do you think there are so few women doing reggae?

LA: I think that we have to work a little harder in some aspects. People like male energy. They like the male voice and strong vocals that are more prominent. Itís a little easier for them, if you are a women itís almost as if you have to prove yourself. But, if you are good you are good. True talent will find its avenues. Thatís just the way it is and there is not much you can say about it. It doesnít discourage me though.

SFS: Has it been tough for you to break through certain barriers?

LA: In a sense, it has made me want to be successful even more because I would be breaking new ground. That is very exciting and I think there needs to be more female artists. Iím just going to keep on doing it without getting discouraged. I think there is a wide-open door. It is just all about being original.

SFS: Will your new album be much different than your debut release?

LA: This next year is going to be focused on my new album. Iím under new management now and Iím going to be working with some different producers and songwriters. It is going to be a whole different approach.

I wrote, produced and arranged every song on my last record and with three other guys, but it was pretty much all on me. This time we want to try something different. I donít want to stay in a box, that is not who I am as a person. Youíll never hear me call myself a reggae artist. Iím just an artist and I really want to portray that on the next record. It will be like the first one, but it will probably have more R&B and hip hop -- which are my influences -- with the reggae foundation, of course.

SFS: Why are you moving to L.A.?

LA: My new management is based out of Los Angeles and the producers and the writers that Iíll be working with are down there. In the Bay Area you can do so much, but if you are trying to get to the next level you have to relocate or spend a lot of time in other cities. There are labels in the Bay Area and you can be successful there, but it all depends on the camp you are working with.

Luna Angel performs at the Ragga Muffins festival on Feb. 24 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. The concert starts at 3 pm and tickets are $39.50.