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Luke Horton of Love of Diagrams

Aussies on the Road

Following nearly two months of continuous touring earlier this year, Love of Diagrams are preparing for another round of U.S. tour dates in support of the their debut LP Mosaic. The Australian power trio that is often characterized by its post-punk and no wave references returns to San Francisco on November 1st for a show at Bottom of the Hill. Guitarist Luke Horton spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from Australia.

SF Station (SFS): With the big time-zone difference, do you ever get adjusted after you fly halfway around the world to tour?

Luke Horton (LH): We’ve done it quite a few times now, so we are pretty experienced with it. We give ourselves two days to rest before the tour starts to hopefully get over our jet lag. I think we are getting better at it, but it is always pretty hard the first few days.

SFS: Is there anything that helps you get through those first few days?

LH: Generally, just having nothing to do, so you can fall asleep at any random time. You try to stay up and sleep a normal American night, but it’s hard the first couple of days.

SFS: How did you meet Monika and Antonia?

LH: Those two know each other from Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, where they are both from. They both were a part of a small but thriving indie underground-rock scene. I was a fan of Monika’s previous band the Sea Scouts and I met her and Antonia through mutual friends that were a part of that scene. I approached them and asked them if they wanted to play along with some of the songs I was writing.

SFS: Did you know right away that it was going to work out as a band?

LH: I was pretty excited about it. I hadn’t played guitar in a band with my own songs before, so I was just excited to play them with people and they seemed to pick them up very well. I originally asked Antonia to play violin on some tracks because she is a classically trained violinist, but she was more interested in playing something she hadn’t done before, which was the bass. It was pretty new to her and it was new to me, so it was a nice, exciting project and something that we were all coming to with fresh ideas and no preconceptions. It was a nice surprise. It stopped being predominantly my stuff quite quickly and they brought a lot to it.

SFS: Was Mosaic recorded in Chicago when you were stuck in a snow storm?

LH: Yeah, It was incredible. I had never seen weather like that before. There was a vacant lot next door to the studio and we watched it fill with snow everyday. We were staying at the studio -- at Electric Audio Studios they have rooms where bands can stay -- so we were working really hard anyway. It was nice to look out the window and say, “We don’t want any part of that, and there is nothing we can do anyway.” It was a really nice environment to be working hard in.

SFS: The album has been out for about six months in the United States. Is everything how you expected it to be?

LH: We’re just really glad we can come back to America again this year. That was always the plan, but for a little while we weren’t sure if that was going to happen. It’s great that we were given the opportunity to come back to the states because Enon has asked us to go on tour with them.

The record was received really well from all the places that we cared about, so that was really nice. It will be interesting to come back to some of the towns where we played last time to see if people are come back to see us.

SFS: Have you found that you are built for lots of touring?

LH: Touring can be pretty grueling. Ted Leo’s last tour, which he asked us to do, had a pretty grueling schedule. For us, it seemed pretty intense and quite long. We had our own tour before his tour so it ended up being almost two months on the road. That started to take a toll because Antonia started to suffer from migraine headaches. When one of those hits there is really nothing that you can do. That happened a couple of times, but we did pretty well and only canceled one show out of 45. We hold up pretty well.

When we toured the United States, we ended up watching a hell of a lot of bad American late-night television, like "Dog the Bounty Hunter". That seemed to be on every time we turned on the television.

Love of Diagrams perform with Enon and the Deadly Finns at Bottom of the Hill on November 1st. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Doors open at 8:30 pm.