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Luiza Sa of CSS

Do Your Little Dance on the Catwalk

If CSS doesnít make you dance, you might need to see a doctor. The band from Sao Paulo has been doing laps around the globe nearly nonstop since its 2006 debut on Sup Pop. It stops in San Francisco in support of its second LP on the label Donkey for a Show at Bimboís on December 12th. Luiza Sa (guitar/keyboards) spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from London between the European and Japanese legs of the tour.

SF Station (SFS): What do you do for fun during your short breaks between tours?

Luiza Sa (LS): We do many things that are unbelievably fun like laundry and watching movies. I went to a friendís house and she cut my hair and cooked me dinner. That was amazing because you donít get home cooking every day. Itís really rare so that is quite special.

SFS: I read on Wikipedia that your hairstyle is called Joana of the 80s.

LS: Somebody invented that on the Internet. It has been following me forever, and it is one of the reasons you can hate the Internet. People can just invent something weird. I donít know, maybe they are trying to compare me to someone who I am not familiar with.

SFS: Is it hard to have a party on stage every night?

LS: Itís crazy. I donít really understand how we can do it so many times, but it happens. I donít have an explanation. There are some days that are really hard, and it feels like the worst day ever, but then something happens when we get onstage. I think itís something bigger than us, and something that the audience is really a part of. Lately, we have been having a lot of fun and doing this catwalk thing where we split the audience in the middle.

SFS: Have your performances always been like they are now?

LS: We were really kind of bunk in the beginning. It was so rough and crazy, and basically all energy and no quality of sound. At the first show, I played my guitar plugged into the soundboard with no amp. Jon played the drums standing with just a floor tom and a snare. It was so raw.

It was really hard to play quality music in Brazil, so we came up with different ideas. With one show, we just did a kind of did karaoke with a prerecorded track and live guitar. Everybody sang and it was funny. After awhile, we decided that we needed to have a better show to reach out and create a bigger experience than underground shows. We kind of became musicians on the road, except for Adriano. Heís been working with music since he was a teenager.

SFS: Was all of the hype that surrounded CSS surprising?

LS: Yeah, it really was a surprise for us. In the beginning, we were getting a little frustrated because we all had jobs and we had to do shows on the weekends. We were really tired and we couldnít pay our bills then things started getting bigger.

I think itís crazy, but itís also so tiring. We have all been tired in a way that I could never imagine. By the end of a tour I feel like Iíve been through a war, but we are also very lucky and very grateful. We still get excited and we still get surprised. We come from Brazil, and we didnít expect anything. Itís not like we are from England, where a million bands explode before even having a record.

SFS: With two million hits on YouTube , you must be doing something right.

LS: Or the song is called ďÖ Hot Hot SexĒ and that is what people are looking for. Itís hard to explain. Itís just one of those things that happened. Iím pretty satisfied and grateful and happy, and Iím trying to continue to work. We always did everything that we wanted for ourselves, so itís nice that people appreciate it.

CSS Perform at Bimboís on December 12th. Tickets are $20 and the show starts at 8pm.