Love Nation: Break The Silence (Music & Live Art Show)

Event has passed (Fri Mar 8, 2013 - Fri Mar 8, 2013)
08:00 - 02:00
$10 - $20
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Break The Silence & Come Dance With Love Nation!!

Get Ready 2 Dance Your @$$ Off With A Rocking Night Of Breaks, Psy-Breaks, And Fullon Melodic Psy-Trance!

Live Painting, Body Paint, Creative Decoration And Lighting, Dancers, Awesome People & Awesome Music Will Have You Dancing With Smiles In The One Of A Kind Love Nation Atmosphere!

Love Nation Is A Community Passionate About Connecting People Through All Forms Of Play To Create Love And Beauty In Our World And In Our Hearts. Through Music, Performance, Dance, Celebration, Art, Humor... Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual...However It Manifests!

Early Bird Tickets Available Now!

12:00 - 02:00: Khromata (Pulse SF) (Galaxy Unknown Records)

10:30: - 12:00: Liam Shy (Tantra)

09:00 - 10:30: Christopher Charles

08:00 - 09:00: Zoukis (Outpost23)

Live Painting By:

Jon HW:

Salah Khudari

Lighting By TopDawg Productions/Lighting & Custom Deco

Visuals: Ralph Bonnell & Bugaboo Jones (PSYTRANCER)

The Electrik Dolls

Handmade Clothes 4 Sale

Dress In Your Coolest Costume & Burning Man Attire (Come As You Are)

Venue: Project One Gallery
251 Rhode Island St. San Francisco 94103

(21+) $10 Early Bird/ $15 PreSales/ $20 @ The Door
Khromata is a DJ with an enduring affinity for psychedelic electronic music, particularly full-on psytrance and psybreaks. Hailing from Bangkok, Thailand, where she was first exposed to the realms of psychedelic electronic music in the late 90s, she now resides in Northern California where she has since been spreading her signature sound of funky, fun, and always psychedelic tunes.

Khromata has been part of the Northern California trance family since she moved to the U.S in 2002. Being deeply passionate about the music, it was a natural progression in her musical evolution to finally start DJing in 2010. After some hard work and dedication, she soon began playing her brand of funky full-on psychedelic trance. Due to her love for breakbeats, she soon discovered a natural attraction to the burgeoning world of modern psybreaks.

In the two years that she has been DJing, she has played events such as the How Weird Street Faire, Psymbolic, the Monterey Beach Burn, Gemini Dreams, LaborDance, Pulse Family Gathering, Crystallize in Colorado, and at numerous other clubs, outdoors and undergrounds across the state, as well as radio appearances on Nubreaks and NSBradio. She is affiliated with Pulse SF, Galaxy Unknown Records, and Vibrant Freqs.
Liam Shy is a dynamic and passionate audiophile, dedicated to the world of sound his entire life. His work includes being a Music Producer, DJ, Sound Designer, Live Sound Engineer, Audio Instructor and advocate for the electronic music community.

Liam graduated from the Pyramind Institute for Digital Audio in 2009 specializing in Music Production, Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering. He has worked professionally as a Sound Designer and Composer including work on titles for the Wii and nationally broadcasted television commercials.

Liam Shy is a veteran of the San Francisco dance music scene. DJ'ing for over 11 years & performing for crowds up to 10,000 strong at street festivals as well as countless undergrounds and major venues across the US, Mexico and Europe.

His high energy style includes house, techno, psytrance, progressive and many other genres in-between. Liam doesn't like to limit himself to one particular genre and fully enjoys merging sounds and styles to create something new. His passionate and electric shows are infamous for igniting the dancefloor and creating a highly cinematic and evocative journey.
Christopher Charles…Turntablist, Technical DJ and Live Performance Producer.

His Passion of music and the evolving DJ/Electronic Arts has brought me to be a skilled student at Expression College. From that an opportunity to work as an Apprentice Engineer/Producer for the well established OM Records.

His Love for Music, Art, Expressionism, Technology and Professionalism are what made me choose this career. My boundaries are limitless since art is a freedom of expression. I love it all! I love the new challenges that I am faced with as I venture deeper and deeper into music’s past, present and future!

His future goals consist of getting Rebel Force (his record label) to a lucrative status. Sharing his passion of musical performance, good times shared with valued friendships. Most importantly, being able to utilize my talents, as a Musical Magician is what drives me.

Being a leader in this creative industry is what allows him to further the growth of knowledge not only to his peers, but also to our society. I as the artist and music with its message is THE way to bring public awareness to us all while showing support to the many problems that face our World.

“Music is the shorthand of emotion.”
Leo Tolstoy
Zoukis is the project of Sebastian Rodriguez, 22 year old producer and DJ from San Francisco. Zoukis is currently attending University for Electronic Music Production and has performed at many prestigious festivals including Love Parade and the How Weird Street Faire. He has been deeply inspired by the psychedelic culture in mexico and around the world; These are his vibrations.


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