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Love Happens

ÖAnd So Do Bad Movies

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.

If you want a girl crying on your shoulder this weekend, take her to Love Happens. If you want to be entertained, stay clear. Itís the same romantic story thatís been rehashed since the creation of the medium, and to far better results.

Burke (Aaron Eckhart) is a growing self-help guru on the precipice of true stardom. His book on recovering from the deaths of loved ones has brought him fame and he now travels the country leading seminars. The book was written following the death of his wife and he has now arrived in Seattle, her hometown. Surprisingly, he has yet to take his own advice and move past her death. Now he must deal with the in-laws he abandoned and the issues heís been avoiding.

Enter Eloise (Jennifer Aniston). Sheís the quintessentially quirky woman who will help Burke through his depressing funk. Like Burke she also helps people through her flower business. Also like Burke she has relationship issues, continuously falling for scummy guys. The two meet and sparks fly, but in order to settle down they must first face the skeletons in Burkeís closet.

Itís so cookie cutter itís painful. While not a terrible film, itís terribly mediocre. Eckhart and Aniston give commendable performances but canít save a film bursting at the seams. Working from a film devoid of originality is Brandon Camp (who also co-wrote the script). Sitting in the directorís chair for the first time, he fails to bring any magic to the screen. He canít seem to decide what type of film he wants, as it continuously morphs from an emotional drama to a lighthearted rom-com within minutes. Many scenes are painstakingly dull and the music is cheesy. Itís the perfect date movie for those who donít plan on watching the screen.