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Lorna: Static Patterns and Souvenirs

Words on Music, Released April 26th

The album cover of Lorna's latest album Static Patterns and Souvenirs features a long and winding expanse of road. This imagery seems all too appropriate for an album that perfectly compliments a lazy and nostalgic roadtrip.

An effective, if not eclectic, mix of instruments including banjo, harmonica, trumpet, flute, and classical guitar (among others) compliments the hypnotic vocals of Mark Rolfe, Sharon Cohen, and James Allen.

Static Patterns and Souvenirs immediately relaxes the listener. Lorna's sound is vaguely reminiscent of Morcheeba's Charango (sans the ganja and hip hop influence). With track titles like "Will You Still Love Me Yesterday?" and "Be Forever", Static Patterns and Souvenirs strikes a chord that is simultaneously mournful and soothing.

Where the album falls a bit short is in the strikingly similarity from one track to the next. There were at least a handful of occasions in which I thought I was listening to one extended track.

Ultimately, this is a minor criticism for an album that is best consumed whilst driving along the coast with a sunset on the horizon.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars