Locomoment - Improv Comedy

Event has passed (Fri Aug 3, 2018 - Fri Aug 3, 2018)
Moment Improv Theatre
7:00 PM
$5 - $10
Comedy, Theater / Performance Arts


Locomoment is a monthly improv comedy show where anything can happen. This is the playground for Moment Improv's house team, The Moment Players, and one special guest group from the improv community. The theater space is intimate and features excellent sight-lines, and incredible acoustics so you can capture every nuance of the performance. The theater lobby is a great place to meet new friends and talk with the performers in a warm atmosphere. The Moment Players are: Aleksandra Bril, Eric Cochran, Magda Mukhtar, & Robert Smith

Also performing will be: Rusty Nails

Veteran Improvisers Sam Shaw and Cassidy Brown emerge from Semi-retirement to see if they can still do this shit. We’re making up scenes and playing some games to try to hold back the despair of this post-fact world. Using everything from fast paced games to rants to slow-burning monoscenes, Sam and Cassidy work out their personal demons for your amusement.

Share laughter with us!

This is a 18+ Event.


  1. Moment Improv Theatre 145 9th Street, San Francisco, CA