San Francisco
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The Wax Junkie Bio

The DJ culture in America has a long and storied history in America and DJ Wax Junkie has been there for much of it over his great career behind the turntables. Since the early 90s, when Florida’s most forward thinking promoters started bringing over the UKs biggest big-time DJs for raves, parties and club nights, Wax Junkie has been a DJ himself. In the nascent Florida scene the Wax Junkie was exposed to many of the great DJs and producers who we now consider legends. Surrounded by the explosion of all this new, cutting edge music Wax Junkie joined the party and became a DJ himself. Before long, his talents helped him work his way into the scene, where he was soon a fixture at events all over Florida. Early on top flight DJs like Sasha, John Digweed,Terry Francis, Josh Wink, Hipp-E, Josh Wink, Superstar DJ Keoki, Union Jack, DJ Sneak, Dj Dan, Mark Farina, Doc Martin, Jeno and many, many more.. all enjoyed the pleasure of having the Wax Junkie open for them.

After honing his skills in Florida at all the legendary clubs including Simons, Soul House, Firestone, Beach Club and Hyde Park Cafe he started his trek west and arrived in Boulder Colorado in the late 90s. There he continued his assault on clubs, rave, and parties with his tight as nails mixing skills and always impeccable musical tastes. He continued to play with the names who have defined the times like Keoki, Hipp-E, DJ Dan, and Josh Wink while being featured at some of the most renowned parties in Colorado such as America, Denver’s Fab Friday’s afterhours party, Millennium, and Club Mars.

After a few years of rocking the Rocky Mountains, the Wax Junkie continued westward ultimately ending up in the hotbed of all things House, San Francisco. He again made himself a mainstay at all the top SF nightspots, spreading his sound to 1015 Folsom, The End Up, Ruby Skye, Icon and Beat Box while sharing the turntables with all of the west coast legends including Hipp-E, Dj Dan, Mark Farina, Doc Martin, Greg Eversoul, Dave Harness and Jeno.

In addition to playing locally in San Francisco, Colorado, and all over Florida, he has also taken his talents throughout the States, bringing his sound to Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Las Vegas and even internationally to Mexico and Canada.

Throughout his years behind the decks, Wax Junkie has been collecting a wide variety of sounds and styles. He has been influenced by and involved in all of the great trends in DJ music. From his earliest days surrounded by nasty Florida breaks, to late 90s progressive house and trance, to the smooth and sexy west coast Deep House, to the latest trendy Tech House that is currently breaking so much ground, Wax Junkie has been a part of it all. His sound is dynamic and varied, forward thinking yet grounded in the great music that has been around for years, while drawing from his own unique sonic palate. It is a special brand of Progressive that melds funky as fuck techno, smooth and grooving house, deep and lush emotive tech house, and fierce, melodic breakbeat. It is music that comes straight from his heart to move your soul while it never forgets to shake your ass.